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What Is The Price Of Platinum?

Platinum coin investment options

It is very significant for investors to know what is the price of platinum, in order to invest in coins, stocks, futures and so on.  There are many who prefer to invest in platinum coins that are available for sale.  These are in the form of Australian Koala, American Eagle, Chinese Lunar, Chinese Panda and some others.  For instance, you can purchase the 1 oz Australia Koala which was produced by Perth Mint and is of purity .9995.  It belongs to the platinum bullion coins of the Koala series and is a legal tender with a fixed face value. It contains 1 troy oz which is the equivalent of 31 grams of platinum, having a face value of $100 and the year of issue 1991.  You can purchase these coins that are sold on various online shops and bid for it.  The date of minting is also mentioned on the coin and you can view the pictures of the coins.

Purchasing Platinum Bars

Those who are interested in knowing what is the price of platinum may also look for purchasing platinum bars, which are available at many online sales.  These are available in the form of 1 gram, 5 gram and 1 oz platinum bars.  However, when you buy the precious metal bars, you may have to pay a premium above what is the price of platinum on that day.  This is due to fabrication and marketing costs.  For instance, for every one gram of platinum bars or wafers, as they are known, you may have to pay 10% more than the metal content value.  You can avail such bars at many online auctions and you can also check back the prices frequently, as these are subject to constant changes and are being subsequently updated in order to reflect what is the price of platinum on a regular basis.

How to Avail Platinum stocks

Alternatively, once you have confirmed what is the price of platinum, you can invest in platinum mining stocks and either buy or sell them online through many stock brokerage firms.  There are many websites, where you can trade free either in platinum stocks or ETFs. There are many platinum mining companies, whose stock you could purchase.  These mining companies operate in segments such as mining, extraction and production of platinum, and in some cases even produce the other metals of the platinum group, such as palladium, rhodium and so on.  They mine the metal and then process and refine it before marketing it.  You can visit the company websites and know complete details before purchasing their platinum stocks.


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What Is The Price Of Platinum?

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