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The Price Of Platinum Today

There are many ways to invest in platinum after finding out the price of platinum today.  You can buy shares from platinum mining companies.  Russia and South Africa are the largest platinum producing countries, but the risks entailed here can be due to the performance of employees as also due to mining conditions and any other natural disasters, mining strikes or accidents, which might result in the depreciating of your investments.

Investment in Platinum ETFs

The best way to invest in platinum would be through ETFs, especially if you are looking for short term investments.  For medium to long term investments, the price might be a little too expensive.ETF costs will include the stamp duty charges as well as brokerage fees above the price of platinum today.  You can also go in for platinum bullion in the form of coins and bars from reputed dealers, such as the platinum eagle coins which contain pure platinum of 0.9995 in 1 troy ounce.  There are many other legal tender platinum coins produced by Canada and Australia, for investors who want to buy platinum coins.  Many international refineries also produce large bars of platinum.

The Perth Mint Certificate Program

There is also the certification program by the Perth Mint Certificate which offers a government backed metal certificate.  This is the oldest Mint operating in Australia since 1899 and is controlled by the Australian government.  You can own platinum bullion either in allocated or unallocated accounts through the PMCP.  This is the most efficient way to own platinum bullion, as there are no fees for shipping, insurance or any other custodial fees.  The credit rating agencies also rate it as AAA, and thus it proves to be the safest way to own platinum bullion.

Soaring Future Prospects

Other advantages in investing in platinum is that the price of platinum today always moves in the opposite direction of traditional investments and thus it is a good way of diversifying your investment portfolio.  It is also great as a stand-alone investment, due to the widening gap between the production and the demand.  It can also be used as a great hedge against inflation, especially in countries where the currency has lost its value, where the purchasing power of platinum continues to remain steady.  Additionally, it provides a liquid form of investment, as it is easy to store and is also portable and is recognized as a precious metal anywhere in the world.  You can easily convert it into cash at any time. Industrial demand, combined with the boom in the Chinese platinum jewelry market, has resulted in increasing the price of platinum today.

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The Price Of Platinum Today

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