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Price Of Platinum Today

Why the price fluctuates

By knowing the price of platinum today, you can invest in various forms of platinum, such as coins, stocks, ETFs, Futures and Options.  Platinum being one of the noble elements is very rare and is in high industrial demand, thus contributing to its value.  The price, however, is always subject to fluctuations which vary according to the industrial demands and the economic situation in the world.

The first platinum coins

You can safely invest in platinum coins.  The world’s first legal tender in platinum was the one ounce Noble, which became very successful.  This was followed by many other mints issuing platinum bullion coins.  For example, you can invest in the Australian Koala as well as the Canadian Maple Leaf platinum coin.  They make very good investments, and such investments are very popular.  They are legal tender and have a specific face value.  However, the actual value can be different and depends on the platinum content in the coin as well as the weight of the platinum in it.  This can, at times, be more than the face value or the price of platinum today.

Collectible platinum coins

You may even have to pay more than the actual price of platinum today for such coins, as many of them have numismatic value.  They are considered as collectible bullion and are very rare.  There is a limit to the number of such coins minted and there are many designs among these coins.  The design keeps changing every year, so it is also important to know the year of the coin that the investor is buying, as the value could change accordingly. Of course, there are also pure platinum bullion coins which you can purchase after knowing the price of platinum today.  But the collectible coins usually sell at a premium higher than the price of the pure billion platinum coins. Some of the coins become extraordinarily successful and in such cases, the premium keeps climbing and goes even beyond the value of the bullion. One such popular collectible platinum bullion coin is the series of the American Platinum Eagle.

The American Platinum Eagle

The American Platinum Eagle was first released by the US Mint in 1997.  The platinum is very pure to about .9995 purity and you can buy these coins in 1 troy oz or even ½, ¼, 1/10 varieties.  The coin is also available with different designs on the reverse side in the form of uncirculated or proof versions.  All the different denominations are otherwise similar in design, except the weight and the face value.  You can buy these coins and use them for paying off any private and public debts as they are legal tender and have a fixed face value, but their intrinsic value is usually greater.

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Price Of Platinum Today

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