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Price Of Platinum Rings

Platinum is the preferred metal when buying rings, this is because platinum is rare and also very enduring, having a high purity.  However, the price of platinum rings, will depend on the type of platinum, the type of diamond used in the ring and also the kind of setting.  Not all platinum is the same and there is also bound to be difference in craftsmanship and design.  The purity content of the platinum in the ring can also affect the price.

The Purity of the Platinum used

For making jewelry, platinum needs to be made into an alloy just like all other precious metals like gold.  This is necessary to give the required hardness to the jewelry.  If the ring is made of 95% pure platinum then the price of platinum rings made in this way will be higher than those made with, say, 80% platinum and 20% of some other metal.  By checking the hallmark on the ring or band, you can know the purity and pay for it accordingly.  If the hallmark mentions ‘Plat’ or ’95 Plat’ then it is the purest form of platinum and this commands the highest price, whereas if it says ‘IridPlat’ or ‘90Plat/Ir’ then it means that only 90% of the metal content is platinum.

The content of the alloy

The price of platinum rings also depends on the kind of alloy used.  The more expensive alloys used are cobalt or ruthenium, which will produce a harder platinum which cannot be easily tarnished and will stand a lot of wear and tear and also be very bright.  However, even pure .95 platinum rings are very often alloyed with cheaper Iridium, in which case the price is lower and this will also become dull sooner, apart from being softer too.

Design of the ring

There are many types of designs available in platinum rings and many of them include details in the form of cuts, or engraving. Sometimes the design is imbedded in the ring’s casting.  This kind of engraving cannot last too long and hence you need to avail the intricate hand engraving.  Filigree is another type of design done on platinum rings, which can also be done during the casting process.  This may lack the finesse of the true filigree which is done by using hand drawn wires and sculpting them.

Some of the more popular designs, such as the bezel set with pave can be more expensive. This consists of having a border made of the platinum metal having smaller diamonds set in them and a center stone, which is larger. This has to be done by expert artisans and will reflect on the price of platinum rings. You can also get your ring customized where you can let the ring reflect your taste.  A showstopper which has a lot of artistic work to set off a large central diamond will naturally lead to an increase in the price of platinum rings.

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Price Of Platinum Rings

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