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Price of Platinum Ring

Platinum or gold

When considering a diamond engagement ring, there is an option between a platinum or white gold ring.  Many people don’t prefer white gold as this is not the natural color of gold and is actually an alloy which may cause allergies in some people.  Hence, you need to know the price of platinum ring, as platinum is the ideal choice for a diamond ring being available in its pure state.  It is also very strong and does not tarnish easily and can perfectly complement the diamond ring.  However, a platinum ring will definitely be costlier than one in gold, but it will retain its sheen and last you more than a lifetime.

Factors affecting the price

The price of platinum ring depends also on the gemstones contained in it, as this is the major portion of the ring.  The price and value of the ring will depend on the size, the color and clarity of the gemstone that has been embedded in it.  The most secure setting for the stone is a platinum one as it has a natural white luster which can enhance the sparkle of the diamond, without casting its own color on to the stone.  The amount of platinum used in the setting will also determine the prices, as there are different types of settings, where in some cases the stone is visible on all sides or the stone is completely framed in platinum.

Thus, we can say that the price of platinum ring will depend on the quality of the diamond and also on the weight of the platinum present in the ring, as well as the current price of platinum in the market.  There are platinum rings for men as well as women, though the man’s platinum wedding band has a higher value than the woman’s wedding band.  The reason for this is that the man’s ring is usually larger than the woman’s ring and as such, requires more amount of platinum.

Designs and Settings

Before visiting a store to buy a platinum ring, you need to go through the current price of platinum ring and also know about the various settings that can be created in a platinum ring.  The style of the platinum ring could also have an impact on the price of platinum ring and you can customize them to add your own personal touch.  You can choose the width of the band, though the standard one is between 2mm and 6mm but you can also select up to 12 mm where you can have more engravings and designs.

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Price of Platinum Ring

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