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Price of Platinum Per Ounce Today

Choices in investment

By availing the price of platinum per ounce today, the investor can make decisions about buying and selling platinum. There are many ways of investing in platinum and one of them is to buy the physical metal in the form of coins or bars.  The investor can either buy platinum bullion coins or collector coins.  However, it is preferable to purchase the former, as the collectible coins are costlier due to their numismatic value.  You can also purchase platinum bars, but may have to pay a premium above the platinum value.  You, however, need to buy it from reputed dealers.

For those who want a larger investment, it is not very practical to buy physical platinum, as there is the problem of transport and storage.  They can go in for paper platinum which is offered in various forms, in order to invest in the platinum market, after verifying the price of platinum per ounce today.

Choice of Paper Platinum – Options

There are many platinum mining companies trading with stock exchanges throughout the world.  You can hold such platinum stocks or you can also invest in platinum mutual funds or ETFs.  Another option for investors is the platinum options and futures.  By buying these contracts, you can make short term gains.  In this way you can control a comparatively large amount of platinum by means of a small investment .But these kinds of investments can also be risky, as you can lose your entire investment too.

If you buy the Platinum options, you can have the choice of buying or selling a certain amount of the platinum at a price known as the strike price within a stipulated period.  You can exercise this option any time before the designated date.  Additionally, you can also decide not to use the option if you are not satisfied with the price of platinum per ounce today.  A lot of financial leverage can be generated with such platinum options and the risk incurred is only to do with the premium amount and the cost of the transaction.

If the price of platinum per ounce today does not exceed more than the strike price in the stipulated time of the option, then there is no advantage to be gained.  However, there are other advantages to investing in such options, rather than going in for physical platinum.  For instance, if there is a fall in the platinum prices while trading, you can buy platinum put options which are actually a form of betting against the current price. In order to buy such options or sell them, you need to set up a trading account with dealers or brokers.

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Price of Platinum Per Ounce Today

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