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5 Facts About Platinum


Platinum is…

A rare element found in the Earth’s crust, platinum is a silvery-grey metal that is extremely anti-corrosive.

Platinum was discovered in….

Platinum was officially ‘discovered’ in 1741 by Charles Wood, a metallurgist from Britain. Travelling through the Caribbean and South America, he found many artefacts of Colombian origin made from platinum and sent them to a colleague named William Browning for investigation. Browning declared the discovery of the new metal.

Platinum occurs naturally as…

Though it can be found as ‘pure’ platinum, the most common form of the metal is as sulphides with nickel and copper deposits.

Platinum is found in greatest supply at…

One of the largest known areas of the world where platinum is to be found is the Sudbury Basin in Ontario Canada. This was formed many millions of years ago, when a meteorite slammed into the area and created a volcanic environment. Now, post volcanic activity, the area has huge natural resources such as copper, nickel, and platinum.

It is also found in abundance at Russia’s Norlisk fields, though the world’s largest deposits of platinum are located in the Bushveld in South Africa.

Platinum is mined in the United States, but only in small quantities.

Platinum is used as…

Platinum is becoming increasingly popular as a decorative metal, and it is often used to make rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. One of the precious metals, it is an attractive colour and though it can be shaped easily it is very hard and difficult to scratch.

Platinum is also used in anti-cancer drugs, as well as a component in surgical and medical equipment.

One of the main industrial uses for platinum is as the metal in catalytic converters, and helps to convert harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water vapour.

It is also used in electronic applications, and as a component metal for health care instruments, and anticancer drugs.

The biggest user of platinum in the world today, however, is the auto industry, where it is used in catalytic converters and spark plugs.

If you are ever looking for scrap platinum, car graveyards are a good place to start!

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5 Facts About Platinum

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