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Investing in Platinum Bullion and Coins

For those investors who want to profit from holding physical platinum, coins and bars are popular investment instruments. Investors in coins tend to see little fluctuation in the value of their investment, whilst bullion investors would ride the roller coaster of what can be a highly volatile asset.

When platinum bullion is bought, an investor will pay a small premium over the cash (spot) price of platinum. The value of the platinum bullion bar or round is based on the weight and purity of the platinum alone. Coins, on the other hand, usually have a far larger premium over the value of the metal content. A coin’s rarity, condition, and history are the key determinants of value. This is the reason that coin values fluctuate far less than bullion values.

For stability of investment, coins would seem to win the day. However, bullion investors have a greater opportunity of making large profits in a shorter space of time – and losses, of course – as the volatility of price on the open market means a speculative trade can add real value in a period of days or even minutes.

There are specialist dealers around the world who will be prepared to buy and sell platinum bullion products online, so the market is open on an almost 24 hour basis. Opening trading accounts is an easy process which can be completed in moments, and many dealers also own vaults which means the customer can use the dealer’s storage facility rather than take on the expense and inconvenience of taking delivery and storing the investment bullion himself.

Whatever an investor’s preferred investment method into platinum, research of subject and wise investment are key to long term growth. Using both bullion and coins to invest will also ensure a level of diversification in the asset, and help to create a store of value and wealth for the future.

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Investing in Platinum Bullion and Coins

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