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Current Price Of Platinum Per Ounce

Platinum plays a very important role as a catalyst and this is the primary reason that it is a very significant metal used for industrial purposes.  By knowing the current price of platinum per ounce, you can make the correct investment decisions.  Platinum being a very rare metal will always be in demand.  However, the production is very unevenly distributed and since it is always seen that the platinum group metals occur together, platinum ores also contain quite a great proportion of its other group metals, such as rhodium and palladium.

What are Platinum ETFs?

Investment in platinum can be in the form of coins, bars, stocks, ETFs and so on.  After verifying the current price of platinum per ounce, you can invest in Exchange Traded Funds.  The ETFs are mutual funds and it is a form of investment which is backed and guaranteed by physical platinum bullions.  By purchasing these ETFs you can own platinum but at the same time you don’t need to bother yourself with physically carrying about or storing the platinum in the form of coins and bars.  They are issued to the investor or purchaser in the form of certificates and each of these shares or certifications, as they are called, will allow you to claim a certain fixed amount of platinum, whenever you wish.

Advantages of investment in Platinum ETFs

However, you should be ready to lose a small amount of the value represented on your certificate at periodic intervals.  This is because a portion of the physical platinum metal is sold by the companies as part of their fees and towards the storage expenses.  On the other hand, you stand to gain a commission of around 0.4% in the form of a commission when you buy and sell platinum ETFs.  In some countries, sales tax or VAT applied to the purchase of physical platinum in the form of coins or bars.  Many people, who wish to avoid this form of taxation, can ascertain the current price of platinum per ounce and then invest in ETFs.

How to Invest in Platinum ETFs

ETS Securities Ltd offers these through the London Stock Exchange and there may be more such ETFs in the future.  This might, however, result in hoarding of platinum bars and this definitely does not bode well for the precious metal.  It will lead to a scarcity of the metal which is used in jewelry and auto industries.  This can result in the hike of the current price of platinum per ounce.  There are many online stock brokers, who can help you to handle your investments in platinum in the form of ETFs.

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Current Price Of Platinum Per Ounce

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