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How To Buy Platinum Bullion And Coins

An investment in platinum can be made by purchasing the shares of platinum mining companies, or platinum ETFs. Many investors, however, like the satisfaction that owning the physical metal gives. Owning platinum jewelry can be viewed as an investment, but more common is the purchase of platinum bullion bars or coins for investment purposes.

Where can Platinum be bought?

Platinum jewelry can be bought on the high street, or from auction houses.

Coins and bullion, on the other hand, are usually bought from specialized dealers or direct from the mint that produces them.

A good starting point for the novice investor wanting to buy platinum cons might be the local coin collectors club. Members are usually receptive to newcomers, and will offer plenty of advice and help. Coin dealers often specialize themselves, so keen collectors will build up relationships with two or three dealers.

How much should be spent?

The real question here is not how much to spend, but knowing the value of the item desired.

Good investors will always research an investment opportunity before committing funds. The internet has made research within reach of the majority, but a trip to the library is also useful. Finding information of recent sales, rarity, and auction activity is far easier now than a few years ago. Having such knowledge will help when an investor or collector first steps into a dealer’s shop.

Is it possible to negotiate a better price?

If buying platinum bullion in the form of rounds or bars, the simple answer is no. The price will be fixed upon the weight and purity of the platinum.

But if collecting coins, a collector should always consider negotiating a better price. By this stage, the collector will have a good understanding of what he is buying, and its value from the research conducted.

Platinum coins, bars, and rounds can be bought on line, and this is becoming more popular. The online action house, eBay, is a popular source for many, but care should be taken as there are plentiful counterfeiters of coins who take pleasure in selling bogus goods to unsuspecting buyers before disappearing into the sunset.

What about buying platinum bullion coins or bars?

For those investors whose main objective is to profit from the value of the platinum itself, then the purchase of platinum bullion bars or rounds will be the preferred investment.

Many mints around the world produce platinum coins, though these are produced in far fewer numbers than gold or silver coins. Purchases are usually made direct through the mint, or from an accredited dealer.

Platinum bullion bars and rounds can also be bought direct from the producer, but also are available to purchase from online dealers such as an Some dealers now allow the investor to store the purchased platinum in the dealer’s vaults, so negating the need and expense of taking physical delivery and self-storage.


Whatever the preferred investment – bars, rounds, or coins – an investor should always conduct thorough research prior to making a purchase, or sale. Clarity of investment objective will help the investor select investments wisely, and understanding how returns are made will ensure that investment decisions are the correct ones and lead to platinum profits!

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How To Buy Platinum Bullion And Coins

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